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The boathouse

The boathouse

photo 4

photo 6

photo 2

Here are a few photos taken today at Greenlands. With the water still to peak here, those downstream toward London are yet to see the worst of their floods.


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At Henley, especially during Spring and Autumn, some mornings are more glorious than others, and the light and air combine to leave you feeling thoughtful and uplifted. Below are a few pictures taken on the campus this morning.

Thames 1

Thames 2

Thames 3


And then I wandered a bit further along the bank of the river and found Jack – a fugitive on the run – sitting placidly under a tree, enjoying the morning sun.

I have since found out that Jack, a capybara, escaped first in 2010 from a wildlife park. He has been captured several times and always gets out again. In fact, he is a bit of a celebrity and the subject of local publicity (this report was evidently premature in its news of Jack’s final capture) a familiar visitor to Greenlands.

Jack the escaped capybara, October 30th

Jack the escaped capybara, October 30th

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Just a few shots of the effects of the recent heavy rains at Henley.

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Evening light over the Thames at Greenlands

Light and dark

Winter morning at Greenlands

Sometimes this place just knocks you out…

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Worth coming to work for on mornings such as these

Mist on the river Thames

Henley early on a forsty December morning

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The Home Counties (where Henley nestles) were brought to a snowy standstill yesterday afternoon and evening, with amazing scenes of gridlock and abandonment of cars along leafy lanes. I got away early enough to get back to Oxford, but other colleagues were not so fortunate. And this morning driving in via Marlow looked like a middle-class disaster movie as many people had not retrieved their BMWs, Mercedes and (ironically) 4 x 4s.

Many people sought refuge back here at Greenlands and Alan Brand, our Director of Hotel and Estates circulated the following memo this morning. Congratulations to those staff who stayed around or came in to help everyone out.

“Greenlands played it’s part yesterday in what must be some of the worst snow conditions on record for this area. All available bedrooms were full (some having to double up! ) with a mix of staff who were unable to get home (some tried and gave up choosing to return to work!) and some local business clients, Many staff who left early were caught in horrendous travel conditions and reports of 5+ hour journeys to Henley and surrounding areas were common however I am sure more accounts will emerge today.

 I would like to thank ALL the Henley team who joined me at Greenlands last night for rallying round and pulling resources for what turned out to be an enjoyable evening for most! Some special mentions go to Lee and the catering team for providing a hot meal (Thai Curry and Scampi and Chips yum yum!), Delphi for looking after our diners, Gary for providing refreshments, Tim for laying on the Disco! and Kalyan for managing the night shift which included some delicate negotiations ref room sharing ! Many other colleagues assisted throughout the evening to ensure all our guests were comfortable. 

A special mention goes to Beth Hunter who, after sending the Front of House team home in the afternoon, manned the phone and reception until late to ensure all staff and clients were settled and to David Amara (Security Officer) who abandoned his car and walked (yes walked) from Caversham to Greenlands to cover his shift finally arriving at 11.30pm………….. given that we outsource Security, that’s dedication in the extreme, well done David.

 A great example of the Henley Experience.  Thanks to all.


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