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It was hot sitting in the marquee at Henley today, especially as we were all dressed up for the occasion, but the Graduation ceremony has inspired me to re-heat the blog, and get going with that part of the PhD which has been under a forced curfew of procrastination: the writing. I plan to create a few more ideas in the space between myself and you (I have recently become convinced that ideas are ALWAYS relational) using this Blog as a vehicle, or sometimes a sign-post.  The Slow Learning group I set up on LinkedIn now has four members. I love that if it will grow, it will do so very slowly. It’s a space with plenty of space for thinking.

At Henley September, October and November are shaping up to be ultra-busy months, with some exciting challenges (new workshop topics delivered for Deutsche Telekom and AVIC China) alongside the MBA workshops here and abroad.  Something like Graduation validates the message we try to put across at our Starter Workshops – that something will change in everyone who takes this course, though no-one can tell at the start what that something will be.

And to close, today, here is my haiku on learning

Standing long, waiting

Rise and fall of thought, of change

Dust settles the matter


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