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We’re in MBA Starter season!  New intakes in the Executive, the Flexible and the Full-time modes of study for the Henley MBA are all in flow during September and October, not just at Henley in the UK, but also in Denmark, Ireland and Trinidad. As a result, we’re delivering the three-day starter workshop a number of times. It’s a challenge but very rewarding. Each group is different, but somehow the same – quite a trick.

My new role is a novelty. No longer have to worry about every aspect of everyone’s arrival and departure – I can focus my mind on the Personal Development module. And it’s making me think about what that means, too. We’ve improved the starter with several very well-thought-through session on critical thinking, and conceptual thinking, as well as reading and writing skills. If Critical Thinking is “the art of analyzing and evaluating thinking with a view to improving it” (www.criticalthiking.org), then critical thinking applied to Personal Development has a purpose closely connected to reflection in learning. Working with experienced and motivated managers on these ideas right at the beginning of a major educational endeavour is a real buzz!

I have also now been able to start to draw in some of the ideas and thinking from my reading for the PhD, and it’s really helping me to internalise many of the strands on education, learning and development.


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Great animation of a very interesting and stimulating presentation. The ramifications for thinking about self and personal development are quite considerable if you accept the speaker’s premises:

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It’s been a while since I posted here, and this is partly down to a change in role here at Henley. I have moved from Programme Director for the Flexible MBA to Subject Area Leader for the Personal Development module. Given the significance many on the MBA here placed on this as part of their investment, it’s going to be a really rewarding experience for me.

One of the first things to do, aside from gearing up for the launch of the revised MBA this month, was set up a LinkedIn group for Personal Development, where it would be possible for past and present programme members to participate in discussions on this and interact and network. This is now running, and with several hundred members is growing quite quickly.

The other occupation over the summer had been with revisions to the PhD proposal and direction. I’ll be blogging some of that more regularly over the coming two or three months.

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