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Snow has become an “event” in the UK. At least, the weather forecasts in the 48 hours were warning of ‘significant snow events’ in and around London and the south east of England on Monday.

In the event, visitors from eastern Europe or very northern Europe would have been left scratching their heads at the complete and immediate collapse of just about every aspect of outdoor existence under the weight of what would have appeared to them as no more than a minor annoyance; as opposed to great blizzard. But, when in Rome…

Actually, I imagine that the lack of preparation and equipment to keep everything clear and moving did actually prevent many going about their business, but the growth of technology since the last time this region was snowed under (18 years, they say) meant that you could be just as (if not more) productive working from home. I got through a lot of backed up administration, for example. And, by all accounts, Henley looked just lovely in its winter coat.

Back to normal frustrations tomorrow.


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