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It’s not uncommon at workshops and events at Henley for participants to disappear at breaks grasping their Blackberry handsets (other mobile messaging devices are available) to deal with whatever work is throwing at them. This has become such a norm that we hardly notice it any more and arguably most of those messages are just generated by the fact that they can be.  

Occasionally, though, things are different, as has been demonstrated by a news story that broke this week – namely the announcement of a ground-breaking project involving Pfizer, who will provide funding to develop a therapy to use stem-cell research to cure blindness.

The lead negotiator from Pfizer in this deal was Henley DL MBA programme member Diane Harbison, and the announcement neatly explained the frantic amount of messaging and extra work she did while also (fully) participating in the recent elective trip to Budapest, Hungary (see earlier blog entries). So, congratulations to her – clearly (in my view, at least) the skills and confidence developed on the programme so far, and Diane is half way through the final part, have helped contribute to something that satisfies Henley’s ambition for managers to be making right choices at community as well as organisation levels.


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