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Here are 10 of my current favourite pieces of music; my version of an iTunes play-list. Most of them I can listen to again and again. In no particular order:

1. ‘What Difference Does It Make?’ – The Smiths
One of their best songs, showing the perfect mix of elements that made them special. I saw the Smiths play live twice, once at a university gig in Kent when they first made it big, and another at a GLC concert in London when they were at their peak.

2. ‘Utru Horas’ – Orchestra Baobab
I came across this track searching for some music to play alongside a PowerPoint presentation at Henley. It works so well because it can sit in the foreground and the background.

3. ‘Suite for solo Cello No. 1 in G Major – 1 Prelude (Bach)’ – Yo-Yo Ma
I really can listen to this short piece over and over again.

4. ‘Into My Arms’ – Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
There are plenty of Nick Cave tracks that I like (love, in fact) and I not only think he is one of the strongest lyricists around but as a live band they are just about the definition of cool. This is one of his quieter tracks – a beautiful love poem.

5. ‘Riders on the Storm’ – The Doors
I love the polished menace in this song and have been able to listen without tiring of it since I was about 15.

6. ‘Paris, Texas’ – Ry Cooder
Great film soundtrack.

7. ‘(Birtwistle’s) Girl in A Shop’ – The Fall
The fact that I don’t usually have a clue what their songs mean doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy hearing them again and again. This is my current favourite. I think the John Peel quote, “The Fall – always different, always the same” sums them up.

8. ‘Fohat digs holes in Space’ – Gong
This is from one of my most treasured LPs, “Camembert Electrique” and is for me the best track on the album,

9. ‘There’s No End’ – Holly Golightly
Lovely, groovy twangy guitars and moody girl vocals.

10. ‘Blue ‘n’ Boogie’ – Miles Davies
Made for Sunday listening. Ni-i-i-ce.

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