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Snow has become an “event” in the UK. At least, the weather forecasts in the 48 hours were warning of ‘significant snow events’ in and around London and the south east of England on Monday.

In the event, visitors from eastern Europe or very northern Europe would have been left scratching their heads at the complete and immediate collapse of just about every aspect of outdoor existence under the weight of what would have appeared to them as no more than a minor annoyance; as opposed to great blizzard. But, when in Rome…

Actually, I imagine that the lack of preparation and equipment to keep everything clear and moving did actually prevent many going about their business, but the growth of technology since the last time this region was snowed under (18 years, they say) meant that you could be just as (if not more) productive working from home. I got through a lot of backed up administration, for example. And, by all accounts, Henley looked just lovely in its winter coat.

Back to normal frustrations tomorrow.

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This is the new home for my blog. The move have been prompted in part by the chance to explore a new blogging environment (change for change’s sake) and in part by the promise of a better set of blogging tools here (change for improvement’s sake). I cannot copy old posts over to this blog so will keep that one open for arhive purposes. Should you want to, you can always find those older posts here.

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It grows on you

With such a long winter break at Henley there has been, among some of the male members of faculty and staff, an inevitable giving in to the temptation to continue the process of ‘letting one’s hair down’ when on holiday into the new working year. The appearance of several new beards (though, in the case of Emilio Herbolzheimer, the disappearance one) has caused some amusement – as you can you see.

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Here are 10 of my current favourite pieces of music; my version of an iTunes play-list. Most of them I can listen to again and again. In no particular order:

1. ‘What Difference Does It Make?’ – The Smiths
One of their best songs, showing the perfect mix of elements that made them special. I saw the Smiths play live twice, once at a university gig in Kent when they first made it big, and another at a GLC concert in London when they were at their peak.

2. ‘Utru Horas’ – Orchestra Baobab
I came across this track searching for some music to play alongside a PowerPoint presentation at Henley. It works so well because it can sit in the foreground and the background.

3. ‘Suite for solo Cello No. 1 in G Major – 1 Prelude (Bach)’ – Yo-Yo Ma
I really can listen to this short piece over and over again.

4. ‘Into My Arms’ – Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
There are plenty of Nick Cave tracks that I like (love, in fact) and I not only think he is one of the strongest lyricists around but as a live band they are just about the definition of cool. This is one of his quieter tracks – a beautiful love poem.

5. ‘Riders on the Storm’ – The Doors
I love the polished menace in this song and have been able to listen without tiring of it since I was about 15.

6. ‘Paris, Texas’ – Ry Cooder
Great film soundtrack.

7. ‘(Birtwistle’s) Girl in A Shop’ – The Fall
The fact that I don’t usually have a clue what their songs mean doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy hearing them again and again. This is my current favourite. I think the John Peel quote, “The Fall – always different, always the same” sums them up.

8. ‘Fohat digs holes in Space’ – Gong
This is from one of my most treasured LPs, “Camembert Electrique” and is for me the best track on the album,

9. ‘There’s No End’ – Holly Golightly
Lovely, groovy twangy guitars and moody girl vocals.

10. ‘Blue ‘n’ Boogie’ – Miles Davies
Made for Sunday listening. Ni-i-i-ce.

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