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Is this what the world is really made up of?  Were one inductively to examine, for example, the way most (perhaps all) MBA programmes are conceived, constructed and – above all – replicated, one might reasonably be forgiven for thinking so.

Convention has it (convention as delivered from an institutional point of view) that in the study of Management, or Business, the best way top proceed is by the presentation of what would otherwise be the indigestible “Management” elephant as separate concepts  “carved up” into bite-size pieces. We label these chunks as, for example, People, Processes, Finance, Strategy, Leadership, and so on.  The labels change over the time, though the fact of labelling continues unchanged.

It is very tempting, then, to take this labelling as implicit and a valid reflection of how things “actually are”; that the world really does consist of discrete bits of knowledge which may (best) be “learned” in those parts.  In fact, this view is inculcated.

I suppose one problem might be that, as with all things social, this view is not only constructed but also self-validating and self-reflexive. The more you behave that way, the more it appears to be so, and so the more you behave that way.

Just a thought.

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