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these words are not mine – oh how I wish I could write like this….

“Religion is self generating, and it comes not just from unhappiness or loneliness – or what was sometimes called alienation – but from a need that we would have – no matter what the material circumstances were – for the… numinous would be one word… the transcendent would be another – the things that we know about without being able to quantify them; music, love, landscape (for a lot of people, I think, at different times of day) – some combinations of all those things, the nocturne. I wouldn’t trust anyone who was tone deaf on these things. But I think the great intellectual and in some ways cultural task is to satisfy hungers of this kind artistically and aesthetically without them becoming pretexts for superstition.”

Christopher Hitchens in full and eloquent flow during an interview in Australia on 2009.

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